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leave kudos to fanfiction writers. bookmark their fics. give them reviews. let them know you enjoyed reading their fic. its really important do it

And recs. Recs and rec lists are like gold to us, especially in a big fandom, where a new fic can get swamped under other “big name fics” that have been around forever. I love waking up to see someone’s recced something I’ve written or co-written. <3

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p.s. I turned my fanfic into a book!

But I removed the notification from my stories on AO3, after a reader pointed out that it violates AO3’s Terms of Service. I’m sorry! I put the notice up based on bad marketing advice, and I should’ve done the research myself. If you see a fic that I missed, please let me know! Mass-editing 120+ fics leaves lots of room for error.

The fanfic in question is Northwest Passage, which is something of an epic Johnlock. The book in question is The Longest Night, which was a rewrite — not just a find-and-replace of the names. Some parts are the same, sure, but some are very different.

Slowly, fanfic authors who don’t suck (like one big name I could mention) are breaking into mainstream publishing! We’re still writing fanfics, but we’ve got bills to pay and pets to feed. Please consider buying our works and leaving reviews at places like Goodreads and Amazon. But we’re not getting movie deals (yet?) so we could use all the help we can get.

Thank you!

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Got to see Cap’s motorcycle from “The First Avenger” on display at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Awesome!! 

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What Madness Does Marvel Have In Store For Squirrel Girl?

I’d say that Marvel just got weird, but… well, I’m thinking they’ve always been weird.

Then again, what the hell? They’ve got a winning formula by pairing raccoons with machine guns…

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…oh shit

To be filed under Things I Should Not Find As Hot As I Do Ever.

So say we all.

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pierce’s death was too good for him.

How hard he hits him though. He nearly knocks him off the chair he hits him so hard and Bucky’s head bounces on rebound. And Bucky isn’t even being defiant here, just stuck. He’s caught in his own thinking and isn’t really resisting, just not reacting. He’s still Winter Soldier here, but Winter Soldier trying to figure out what just happened with his day and we know he could stop Pierce mid swing if he really wanted. But he doesn’t, just sort of pulls himself back upright still clinging to the fact that SOMEHOW the Soldier knew him and can’t figure out why. The little bit of Bucky that’s left frantically trying to organize fragments of memory.

Pierce died too quick.

Here’s where it gets worse, though: a brief couple minutes later, Pierce tries to give him a speech. It’s a speech full of praise and glory.

And why would you bother? Because it works better, if all your violence comes with another option. It works better, conditioning, if you have a carrot and a stick. It works better if you are the font of all things good and make the frame so that the recipient thinks they deserve all things bad.

Now given where they’re keeping him, and everything else, let’s adjust this in perspective: “good” becomes not actually good. It becomes an absence of pain, of punishment. It becomes a positive word. It becomes the presence of another human being in a life of constant isolation and imprisonment.

And then if you really want to get upset, you can think about what Pierce would have looked like mid-century, when he was younger, and when the Winter Soldier starts making his mark.

You’re welcome.

You’ve heard this story before:  He’s imprisoned and tortured and experimented on, until he hardly remembers his own name.  And in the depths of his despair this blond man comes to him like an angel, like a halo, and says: Come with me.  Come follow me.  Come fight with me.

But this isn’t his true angel, because this time disobedience comes with fire and pain and freezing cold; and he never looks like the man the Winter Soldier keeps expecting to see.  But Alexander Pierce is the closest thing that he remembers, so he’s the one the soldier obeys.

This isn’t just physical torture to condition Bucky. It’s emotional manipulation. Pierce would be a terrifying cult leader — oh, wait. He is. Hell, he even “earned” Fury’s loyalty for years.

(I’d love to make some sort of comparison to the pile of shit that is 50 Shades, but I get incoherent and ranty.)

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Sebastian Stan in The Apparition.
This set is just a thinly disguised excuse to gif his fucking cute face I’m not gonna lie.

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